Wednesday, 26 September 2012


So, DeBono went well with both classes in the end. In fact, after my concerns, it was the Year 10s who took to it better than the Year 8s. Upon reflection, it is a difficult thing to comprehend and the Year 10 students seemed more mature and capable of adapting to the requirements of the task. Whereas Year 8 did need a lot of guidance and I did away with the 'meta-cognition' styled blue hatmformthat lesson, although I did introduce it. Once I have my run away progress success stories later in the year, I'll use it as a differentiation tool.

The Year 10s played the roles of doctors for the character of Ken Harrison in Whose Life Is It Anyway, and, for the most part, they took their roles very seriously. The question I asked them was 'What would be best for Ken' - a character who, following a road accident, is paralysed from the neck down and decides he wants to die, rather than live half a life, as he sees it. The conclusions ranged dramatically and the kids really stayed focused on their hat's perspectives. Only once or twice did I have to remind them of their focus and guide them back on to the right path. After allowing them a chance to discuss it in their groups, a representative from each stood up and argued their case in a forum. One or two seemed more up to that task than others so, next time, I might leave it so that anyone can jump in more easily. Although, I did encourage them to put their hands up if they wanted to cut in.

The Year 8s were less confident and did require a lot more guidance. I plan on spending a lesson devoted to their understanding of these skills and their application in the classroom. Some of them felt happier than others but some of them seemed quite lost.

All in all, I was pleased. Both lessons saw students making progress and resulted in a neat, student-led plenary too. It was hands off teaching and encouraged group work, social skills, developed their thinking skills, and incorporated all manner of SEAL and PLTS bits too. Definitely a goer!!

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